Why I Sell On Centera:

I sell on Centera because I am assured that the company will never be my competition and I’m guaranteed to never be held back in expanding my business. With Centerra I can focus solely on getting the best products and prices to my customers.

- Zeke Zimmerman

Why I buy on Centera:

I use Centera for all my online shopping needs because it's the one site that gets me the best prices on the market and supports small business owners at the same time. A real two for one deal that gives me the savings I need as I’m actively encouraging small business growth to the 99%.

- Ilene Brenne

As a true free market, Centera is committed to allowing our sellers compete with other sellers, and other sellers only. We are not your competition, we are your platform. We work for you. If you own it, you can sell it. Any price, almost anything , any time.

For years buyers were faced with a choice: Support small business owners or get Big Business prices. With Centera you do both! Our company attracts merchants from around the globe, all working to offer you the best prices and shopping experience the Internet has to offer.

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